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ImageRanger Pro Edition Patch & Serial Key {2021} Latest Free Download

ImageRanger Pro Edition Crack & Patch Full Download

ImageRanger Pro Edition Crack is modern graphics viewing software with advanced search capabilities that enable efficient browsing and manipulation of images from large photo archives. The goal of the ImageRanger project is to help users organize their growing collection of visual material.

ImageRanger Pro Edition Patch makes no mistakes when it comes to sorting digital images, browsing a vast library, or creating intelligently structured photo archives. This awesome tool is also a quick decision to free up disk space by finding and removing duplicate images. Easy, fluid, and very professional.

With ImageRanger Pro Edition Keygen, automatic enhancements can be applied to multiple images at once. Manual adjustment allows you to select dark or light parts of the image and apply various correction settings. All the necessary editing controls (brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation) are designed in a user-friendly interface, with UNDO functions to correct problems as you go. You can even ask ImageRanger to automatically find and categorize all low-quality images for your convenience. For advanced users, powerful batch processing makes it possible to work on entire folders while only processing relevant photos.

ImageRanger Pro Edition Key Features:

  • ImageRanger only needs to browse your photo collection once, and you’re free to search, sort, and filter images at any time.

Support for NAS and USB drive

  • The ImageRanger index can be saved directly to the remote folder. This way, you can quickly find and sort your photos on another computer, using a pre-created index.

Manual sorting

  • Exclude or include only the folders that you need when browsing the images. As an alternative, ImageRanger can read your entire storage drive.


  • Save and load previously found image collections to ensure you can quickly retrieve important slideshows with manual control.

Face recognition

  • ImageRanger detects faces even in large portraits and group photos, allowing you to tag faces and quickly find images with specific people.

Removal of duplicates

  • ImageRanger displays the number of duplicate images and allows you to remove redundant content.

Organize them in folders

  • Options to import all your photos into a new folder structure organized according to the time and location they were taken.

GPS filtering

  • With built-in GPS tracking, your photos are sorted by city automatically. You can find all photos up to 5 meters from any point on the globe.

What’s new in ImageRanger Pro Edition

(Released on June 2021)

  • Added support for 64 bit TIFF images, HEIC auto-rotation fix, other bug fixes.
  • The new bookmarks panel helps you access your favorite folders quicker. New option to preserve file modification time.
  • Browsing remote media library is now extremely fast, offline browsing is also supported if the files are indexed.
  • New keyword pinning, persistent sorting, ability to select last changed file, performance improvements, new index loading and updating, bug fixes.
  • New multiline image descriptions.
  • New default file filters.
  • New ability to manage custom GPS locations.
  • Metadata editing features a configurable full screen and printed captions.
  • Added rendering of ICO, non-animated GIFs, WEBP files.
  • Viewing SVG vector files is now possible with ImageRanger.
  • Improved performance and bug fixes, case-sensitive keywords.
  • New, improved face detection. New read-only mode to disable writing face tags in the image files. New image formats are now supported.
  • Viewing transparent PNGs is now possible. Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • New support for 3fr, fff, m2ts formats. Merging people’s names is now possible. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10


ImageRanger Pro Edition Keygen & License Key Full Download

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