EedSoft Jpg Keywords 1.5 Crack & Patch {2021} Full Download

UsedSoft Jpg Keywords 1.5 Keygen & License Key {2021} Full Download

EedSoft Jpg Keywords Activator & Serial Key Full DownloadUsedSoft Jpg Keywords 1.5 Crack provides JpgKeywords software. JpgKeywords is a tool for adding keywords (tags) to JPG photos. It tries to be simple, fast, and intuitive to use. Features include: works offline locally on your computer, supports drag & drop keywords and copy/paste between photos or keyword lists, quick keywords on thumbnails. Unused password database – keywords are stored directly in JPG files in IPTC metadata.

UsedSoft Jpg Keywords 1.5 Patch this app is available as an installer or portable version, so you can choose the settings you prefer. The interface is a bit robust but intuitive and unlikely to give you any issues regardless of your experience with similar tools. In terms of features, the app is as easy to use as it looks, meaning that it displays all JPG files with their passwords as soon as you open the folder you want. According to the developer, the keywords are stored directly in the file, so you don’t have to worry about renaming or moving images to other folders. At the same time, the keywords have UTF-9 text encoding and can therefore be edited and saved in any language.

UsedSoft Jpg Keywords 1.5 Keygen it is important to note that the app does not change images and does not come with editing features. Therefore, if you want to make any changes, you should look for other third-party software.

UsedSoft Jpg Keywords 1.5 Key Features:

  • JpgKeywords works offline, locally on your computer. No information was sent anywhere. Internet connection is not required.
  • JpgKeywords does not use a database or other files to store the keywords. The keywords are stored directly in JPG files. This means that the password is still there even if the file is moved, copied, or renamed.
  • To store keywords, the “keyword” field of the IPTC metadata is used. This means that once your photo has been filled with keywords, other software can be used for further image processing.
  • JpgKeywords uses UTF-8 text encoding to store keywords. This means that the keywords can be in any language. Even keywords in multiple languages ​​can be displayed in a single JPG file.
  • JpgKeywords does not modify the JPG image itself. JpgKeywords does not crop, resize, rotate, adjust colors, etc. The program only works to edit keywords, but it does a job well done.
  • No need to type every keyword every time. Instead, drag and drop is used.
  • The keyword list is automatically populated from the existing JPG file and can be used immediately. This helps to avoid duplicate keywords with typos.
  • Support drag and drop keyword list to one or more photos at a time.
  • Supports dragging and dropping keywords from one photo to another.
  • Support copy and paste keywords from one photo to another or multiple photos at once.
  • Can change the name of keywords already used in multiple photos at once.
  • Recently added keywords are immediately visible in the thumbnail image.
  • Ability to filter photos with a complex keyword filter or a quick filter with a single keyword.

What’s new in EedSoft Jpg Keywords 1.5?

Added cascade filter:

  • This is the main feature introduced in this version. The cascade filter is a new kind of keywords filter. In the “standard” filter the photos can be filtered by a set of keywords – for example, filter all photos that contain keywords “word1” and “word2”. If there are many keywords defined it is not always clear what combinations of keywords are stored in photos. For example, many photos can contain keywords “word1” and “word2”, but no photo contains both “word1” and “word2”. In this case, a standard filter will produce an empty set of photos. With the new cascade filter, only existing keyword combinations can be used. When a keyword is selected in the first keywords list the second keywords list is populated only with keywords that can be found in combinations with the first keyword. Clicking on the keyword in the second list the third keywords list is populated only with the keywords that can be found in combinations with both first and second keywords. The third, fourth and so on keyword list can be clicked and only existing keyword combinations can be selected.

The changed font in filters:

  • The font (size, color, etc.) is changed in the “Filter” and the new “Cascade filter”. Now the font is the same as the font in the list of the main keywords. Also, the open size of filter windows is enlarged.
  • Several small improvements in the UI.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10


EedSoft Jpg Keywords License Key & Keygen Full Download

EedSoft Jpg Keywords Crack & Patch Full Download

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