CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0 Patch & License Key {2021} Full Download

CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0 Crack & Activator {2021} Full Download

CSoftlab Advanced Diary Patch & Crack Full Download

CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0 Crack software with lots of features and complete ease of use. This log software is unique in that it allows you to keep multiple logs in a database file for your convenience. Regardless of the reasons for using a digital journal, Advanced Diary offers users various very useful features.

CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0 Patch multiple entries can be made on the same day, and rich text formatting is fully supported. By using this program, you can not only create a text log: audio and video recording is also supported. Images, tables and diagrams can also be added to entries with attachments and hyperlinks to websites, locally stored files or other database entries are also supported. With its clean, easy-to-navigate interface, you can start getting the most out of Advanced Diary right away. You can also protect your database with a password, and even share your information with your friends or colleagues on the network. It can also be run directly from a portable player.

CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0 Keygen is a digital diary to save your notes and your diary. You can manage multiple calendars (e.g. personal, work, ideas, etc.) during a single day and easily access specific dates through the built-in calendar view. It supports all common text formatting features, as well as inserting images and hyperlinks. Additional features include audio recording, RTF or text export, password protection, auto-save, and calendar search.

CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0 Key Features:

  • Well thought out and user-friendly interface – C-Organizer has a clean and very intuitive interface. You won’t waste your time trying to figure out how it works.
  • Different interface styles and colour schemes – you can customize the C-Organizer interface according to your needs. It supports 3 interface styles and 50 colour schemes.
  • Fully customizable layout – you can customize everything: from the program toolbar to the information you want to see.
  • Support for multiple languages ​​- this program is available in the most popular languages!
  • Password Protection – You can password protect and encrypt all your information in C-Organizer.
  • Support for multiple databases – you can store your information in different databases and switch between them with just one click.
  • Multi-User Database Access – You can share databases with others on the network and see all changes in real-time!
  • Advanced Notification System – C-Organizer can display onscreen notifications, send by email, start a program or open a document at any time.
  • Sticky Notes – You can open any entry as an electronic “sticky” note on your screen, by adjusting the colour and transparency.
  • Powerful printing functionality – all data can be printed in multiple layouts using print templates. Plus, you can edit the report before printing it!
  • Print template editor – C-Organizer comes with a built-in print template editor. You can modify existing models or create your own.
  • Import and Export – C-Organizer has all the necessary data import and export capabilities. It supports TXT, CSV, XML, CDB, HTML and RTF formats.
  • Powerful Search Engine – You won’t lose any information because you can search the whole database within seconds.
  • Save Attachments – You can attach or link all the external files you need to keep them handy to any entry in C-Organizer.
  • A completely portable program – you can install C-Organizer on a removable device, then use it on any computer!

What’s new in CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0?

  • We’ve added an ability to configure all program’s shortcuts. You can set up or change shortcuts for any menu item.
  • Now Advanced Diary allows assigning categories to multiple entries at the same time.
  • You can set up how many backup copies to keep for the “Backup” function.
  • The “Find Text” function now allows editing the text in the text editor without closing the searching window.
  • We’ve extended the “Insert Table” feature and added an ability to resize tables by mouse.
  • Advanced Diary will store the last choose table settings and use them for the next tables.
  • Now you can hide or show text editor ruler.
  • Text editor ruler will detect and use system measurements automatically.
  • The “Print” function has been improved.
  • We’ve added an appropriate button to rename folders and entries to make your work more convenient.
  • Now the program’s calendar has a function to scroll years.
  • Performance of skins changing and painting functions has been improved.
  • Fixed a problem with the week numbers in the calendar.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10


CSoftlab Advanced Diary Keygen & License Key Full Download

CSoftlab Advanced Diary Registration Key Activator Full Download

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